Graham Hodge is a commercial glazing company that was founded in the Upstate of South Carolina in 1970. It’s that last part…“since 1970”…that makes us feel especially proud. Because in a business as competitive as ours, you simply don’t last for over 50 years unless you’re doing good work, pleasing your clients, and making your employees feel a true sense of satisfaction.

We believe in collaboration and the value it brings. So we go the extra mile to work with all involved, ensuring that the best quality glass installation takes place.

No matter the project, we’re as meticulous and quality-conscious as you could possibly hope for. We’re never about getting it done just to get it done. We’re about getting it done right. 

Want to know when we’re satisfied with a job? When you are.


To install quality and instill confidence through an unrelenting devotion to doing each job as well as it possibly can be done, in as timely a manner as possible, at the best possible price for our clients so that they’ll become customers for life.